FAQs about light entrepreneurship

Registration as a Payonline user is always free of charge. We do not charge for access to the service, but your service fee depends on the salary you withdraw. You don't pay anything until you withdraw your salary. Our users can withdraw their first salary without any fees.

Setting up a business name is easy, but it is not suitable to take care of the many responsibilities of an entrepreneur independently. As a traditional entrepreneur, you are responsible for taking care of all notifications and payments on time, even if you use an accounting firm.

That's why a lot of people choose light entrepreneurship. We take care of the entrepreneur's administrative and legal obligations on your behalf. You will be compensated for your work as wages, for which all expenses have already been deducted. Light entrepreneurship is also a great way to practice entrepreneurship before a possible transition to a traditional entrepreneur!

When you invoice your work through PalkkaOnline, you have no entrepreneurial responsibilities other than taking care of YEL insurance. If you wish, we will also take care of it for you, as long as you decide on the level of your pension insurance.

From the point of view of accounting and taxation, you are an employee. The Unemployment Security Law also treats a light entrepreneur as an entrepreneur.

Even as a light entrepreneur, you still have the opportunity to have a so-being. adjusted daily allowance if your entrepreneurial activities are considered to be part-time. As far as pension insurance is concerned, you are covered by YEL. You must take out YEL insurance if the criteria for the obligation to insure are met for you.

When using the invoicing service, you agree and confirm that you are not in an employment relationship with your client within the meaning of the Employment Contracts Act.

No matter how small. We don't have a minimum amount that you can invoice. So you can invoice through us e.g. a short cleaning gig. Please note that when you increase your salary, our minimum service fee is 10 €.

You can also invoice private individuals through PalkkaOnline. It is possible for the client to receive a household deduction for the share of the work if the tax authorities' requirements are met.

Your salary can be lifted with a delay of a day after your customer has paid the invoice. When you request a salary through our system before 4 p.m., the salary is in your account on the next business day.

Don't worry, I'll be fine. We also take care of the collection of invoices if you wish.

Yes. As of 1 May 2017, users of invoicing services will be classified as self-employed in terms of pension insurance. This means that if your annual income exceeds the minimum limit for YEL insurance, you must have YEL insurance. The minimum income from work in YEL insurance, i.e. the lower limit in 2022, is EUR 8261.71.

We have made YEL insurance as straightforward as possible and you can handle YEL insurance conveniently through us.

Your ability to receive unemployment benefit as a light entrepreneur depends on the extent of your work as a light entrepreneur. If you are unemployed and receive earnings-related or basic daily allowance, you may lose your right to unemployment benefit if you are employed full-time as a light entrepreneur. The decision on full-time work is always made by the employment authority.


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