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Employ easily

It is quicker and easier to employ a light entrepreneur than a regular one. You hire a light entrepreneur on a contract basis, depending on your company's work needs.

Hire a light entrepreneur for a seasonal or temporary job, project or contract, for example. Of course, you can also hire a good professional for a longer-term assignment. PalkkaOnline will take care of the payroll, tax and insurance administration on your behalf.

Competitive advantage from light entrepreneurs

Competitive advantages can arise for unexpected reasons. For example, by giving the company a reputation among its creators as a modern employer with whom things run smoothly.

The light entrepreneur also provides the company with a worker without the heavy side costs of hiring an employee in an employment relationship. The company may be better able to compete for good employees as there are no more side costs associated with wages. A light entrepreneur may receive a higher net income compared to a traditional employment relationship.

Contact us and we will help you calculate the most cost-effective model for your company to employ workers!

Easier invoicing and payments

PalkkaOnline offers companies a service that makes invoicing and payment easier. Even if there are 20 different light contractors on the site, you will receive one consolidated invoice and the professionals working for you as light contractors will also be sure to receive the correct payments.

We significantly simplify the payroll and financial management processes of companies and save time for both company representatives and light entrepreneurs.

Employee time tracking is also possible to integrate to our electronic system. We also offer the possibility of prepayment as a service. PalkkaOnline currently has more than 250 companies as clients.

Legal obligations and insurance covered

PalkkaOnline's service includes accident and liability insurance. Entrepreneurs can always be sure that hiring a light contractor through us is safe. We also make sure that each of our light entrepreneur has enough knowledge about working as a light entrepreneur.

PalkkaOnline's professionals work safely and in compliance with the terms of the Private Limited Liability Act - we take care of it for you!

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Construction and sustainability

In the construction sector, projects and contracts are often of short duration or on a temporary basis. Hiring a light contractor to work on a project is smoother than recruiting an employee for a fixed-term contract. By hiring a light contractor, a company can employ people entirely according to its own needs.

By employing a light entrepreneur through PalkkaOnline, the company can employ more profitably and also enable the worker to earn more as a light entrepreneur. With our consolidated invoice, all the wages of light entrepreneurs can be conveniently paid on a single invoice.

We take care of your legal obligations for you

As a PalkkaOnline partner, the company ordering the work does not have to worry about the paperwork or legal obligations associated with outsourcing. PalkkaOnline takes care of the labour law obligations on behalf of our light entrepreneurs.

We take care of the light entrepreneur's documentation and qualifications management even before the light entrepreneur arrives on site. In this way, the contracting company can be sure that only labour that meets the client's requirements will be accepted on the site.

Compliance with the Contractors' Liability Act and insurance

Under the Contractors' Liability Act, companies must ensure that contractors who subcontract with them meet their legal payment obligations. The light entrepreneur you employ through PalkkaOnline fulfils all the obligations laid down in the law. We will take care of checking the necessary requirements on your behalf, so that you, as an employer, can concentrate on other matters on your site.

Our light contractors are automatically covered by liability and accident insurance for the duration of the assignments. PalkkaOnline is an expert in the insurance sector.

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