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Joonas Kauppinen

Sales Manager, Southern Finland

Samu Miettinen

Technology Manager

Farhan Khan

Sales Representative

About us

PalkkaOnline started when the owners wanted to make it easier to start a business in Finland. The owners of the company were working in the insurance world at the time and were constantly confronted with how difficult it was to hire labour, but also offer their skills, for example for projects and contracts. 
There was always a huge amount of bureaucracy and paper war, which many people who wanted to become entrepreneurs stumbled into already in the early stages. At that time, light entrepreneurship was seen as a response to both the ease of selling work and the ease of buying labour. The company was founded in 2019. 
Right from the start, it was decided to invest in the company's development and systems before the actual business was even started. By 2021, the groundwork was well done and the company entered a period of strong growth. By the end of the year we also attracted an investor with previous experience of outsourcing the workforce of larger companies were seen as particularly valuable.
At the end of 2022, we had more than 1000 light entrepreneurs and more than 250 companies employing light entrepreneurs. Growth will continue steadily and we follow with interest the development of working life in Finland.
Our in-depth knowledge of the insurance industry has helped both us and our partners. We have developed insurance for our light entrepreneurs in cooperation with LähiTapiola.


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