What is light entrepreneurship?

PalkkaOnline is a billing service without hidden fees for light entrepreneurs. We remove the dull and painful paperwork from entrepreneurship. Our expertise is based on more than 50 years of entrepreneurship experience in business insurance.

We'll take care of the paperwork for you so you can focus on doing what you really want. 

Your job is just to do your job well and send the invoice via PalkkaOnline. We will take care of the payment of taxes and payments to each entrepreneur. You will be compensated for your work as a salary in your account. Wonderfully uncomplicated, isn't it?

Why PayOnline?

Easy to use. PalkkaOnline is a clear, straightforward and easy-to-use invoicing service. If necessary, you have access to backup support for the service.

No hidden expenses. Most of all, we're very open. We don't surprise you with hidden expenses. Our billing fee is 5% of the salary you withdraw. So the fee will not be collected until you increase your salary.

Why would you be a light entrepreneur and not in a gainful employment relationship?

No paperwork. A light entrepreneur does not get lost in the jungle of bureaucracy and does not lie on the front line of paperwork.

Easy to try out entrepreneurship.A light entrepreneur doesn't need big capital to get started.

Freedom to work when you want.You decide for yourself who and when you work and at what cost.

Charge at any time.A light entrepreneur does not have to wait for a fixed payday.

Independence. You can choose your statutory pension level (YEL).

You're not left alone.Even a light entrepreneur sometimes needs a friend. We will help and support you in your entrepreneurial path.

When shoudl you use PalkkaOnline?

You can use PalkkaOnline at any time when you decide to do a good job for yourself.

PalkkaOnline's invoicing service is suitable for everyone: a student with a side income, a novice entrepreneur and a gig worker.
You can also stop using PalkkaOnline at any time if you switch to traditional day jobs.

Whether you're a carpenter, a baker, a painter, a rapper or a rapper. PalkkaOnline is just the billing service for you.

Why have so many people chosen the freedom of light entrepreneurship and the joy of work over going to work? Read users' experiences here.
The service was easy to use and the job worked smoothly. The money quickly came into the account. Christian Jokinen
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Good billing service. It was good to be able to test the service and raise your first salary for free. Even in the future, there were no unnecessary additional obligations, only 5% of the wages paid. Henri Hämäläinen


Starting invoicing through PalkkaOnline is easy.
First, register as a user of the service here.


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