PayOnline Terms of Service

Author of terms of use

1. The PalkkaOnline service is provided by DuuniOnline Oy (Business ID 3020384-5), whose official address is Käsityökatu 43, 70110 Kuopio.


1. Service provider means PalkkaOnline, which produces the service through DuuniOnline Oy. The terms "PalkkaOnline" and "PalkkaOnline service" are also used in the Terms of Use.

2. The user of the service refers to the person performing the work.

3. Principal means the client of the work.

4. Invoicing order refers to invoicing the work done by the service user to the principal via PalkkaOnline.

5. A formal employer refers to the activities of PalkkaOnline, in which PalkkaOnline transmits to the User of the Service the compensation paid by the Principal.


1. The purpose of the Terms of Use of the PalkkaOnline service shall be to determine the conditions and conditions for the payment of compensation for work between the performer and the client through the PalkkaOnline payment service.

Obligations of the user of the service

1. The use of the PalkkaOnline service requires the user of the service to create IDs on the PalkkaOnline website at

2. The User of the Service shall accept the Terms of Use of PalkkaOnline before sending the billing order. The user of the service must inform the principal that the invoice for the performance is paid through PalkkaOnline.

3. The user of the service agrees on the performance of the service and the compensation and remuneration paid for it with the client in question. The user of the service is a taxable person in Finland for the work invoiced through PalkkaOnline.

4. The user of the service is obliged to comply with the legislation in force in Finland in its operations.

5. The user of the service shall be responsible for the accuracy of the information provided to both the service provider and the principal.

6. The user of the service is responsible for the accuracy of the expense invoices. The user of the service cannot invoice the costs between their home and the workplace considered to be the actual, unless the trip is exceptionally considered part of the work performance. This must be agreed with the principal.

7. The user of the service shall be obliged, if necessary, to demonstrate that he or she has provided the work in accordance with the assignment agreement between the user and the principal. The user of the service is responsible for the fact that the work performed is not a violation of the law.

8. The user of the service is obliged to determine whether he or she is obliged to take out self-employed persons' pension insurance (YEL). The user is obliged to ensure that the information about his or her insurance has been reported correctly to PalkkaOnline and the insurance company. The User is obligated to inform PalkkaOnline of the start and end date of the insurance. The user is responsible for any retroactive health insurance contributions related to YL insurance.

9. The User of the Service is obligated to notify PalkkaOnline of any income under YEL insurance obtained through any other way.

10. The user of the service is obliged to determine whether the invoicing order is work under the Farmers' Pensions Act (MYEL). You cannot invoice a job through PayOnline for which the user is liable for insurance under the Farmers' Pensions Act.

11. The User of the Service shall not make purchases by invoice, credit, hire purchase or subcontract in the name of PalkkaOnline.

12. The User of the Service is obligated to accept PalkkaOnline's valid privacy policy and related register descriptions.

13. The user of the service is responsible for his/her own customer register as a data controller and for the accuracy and legality of the data in the register. In addition, the user is responsible for the user's right to process the data, submit it to PalkkaOnline for processing and to grant PalkkaOnline the right to process it.

14. The User of the Service shall be liable to PalkkaOnline for any damage caused by the user's error or omission which has forced PalkkaOnline to pay damages to a third party.

15. The User of the Service shall not be entitled to transfer rights and obligations under these Terms to third parties.

Obligations of the principal

1. The principal shall be responsible for ensure that the service user meets the legal requirements required for the performance or performance of the work. Such requirements may include different permits, qualifications and special insurance required for the performance of work.

PayrollOnline's obligations

1. PalkkaOnline insures the user with accident and liability insurance through Fennia Non-Life Insurance Company. Liability insurance covers personal injuries and property injuries suffered by the principal or third parties during work in accordance with the terms and conditions of insurance and within the limits of the terms and conditions

Up to €1,000,000. According to the terms and conditions, the user of the service is liable for any damages vat and deductibles charged by the insurance company.

2. As a formal employer, PalkkaOnline is subject to normal employer obligations in taxation, such as withholding tax on wages, paying the employer's health insurance contribution and reporting payments to the Incomes Register.

Other terms and conditions

1. Temporary agency work cannot be invoiced through PayOnline. PalkkaOnline is not a leased employer.

2. No employment relationship is established between the user of the PalkkaOnline service and the service in accordance with Section 14 of the Prepayment Act and Section 1:1 of the Employment Contracts Act. PalkkaOnline acts only as a formal employer.

3. PalkkaOnline has the right not to accept an invoice that is in breach of the Terms of Use. PalkkaOnline is not responsible to the user or principal of the service for travel invoices made in violation of tax legislation.

4. The user of the service is not insured through PalkkaOnline with accident insurance or group life insurance because the user of the service is not employed by PalkkaOnline.

5. The PayOnline service collects the health insurance contribution under the legislation in force only for users who are liable to YEL insurance or who have taken out voluntary YL insurance.

6. Once the service user's YEL insurance obligation is fulfilled, The PayOnline service shall pay the health insurance contribution retroactively for the wages on the basis of which the YEL insurance obligation has been deemed to be fulfilled. PalkkaOnline collects such potential retrospective health insurance contributions from the user's next net wages or sends the user an invoice. If the end of the YEL insurance obligation is delayed, the user may have the possibility to recover health insurance contributions. Any return will be performed on the account number specified by the user.

7. The user's enforcement fees shall be paid in accordance with the enforcement law in force at any time and in accordance with the order of the enforcement authority.

8. If PalkkaOnline has a claim on the user of the Service in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, PalkkaOnline shall, if necessary, have the right to set them off from the statements paid to you.

9. DuuniOnline Oy's company ID may not be used for vat-free procurement within the EU.

10. A person who is prohibited from business may not use The PayOnline service.

11. PalkkaOnline shall ensure the data protection and technical protection of service users in accordance with the legislation in force.

12. The Terms of Use are valid until further notice. PalkkaOnline has the right to make changes to this agreement at its sole discretion without the user's consent. The changes are valid from the moment of the change. The user of the service accepts the changes by continuing to use the service.

13. PalkkaOnline has the right to transfer, without the user's consent, all or part of the rights and obligations under the Terms to a third party it designates.

14. These Terms of Use are governed by Finnish law. Disputes concerning the Terms of Use will be resolved by agreement. If the dispute cannot be settled, the competent court is the District Court of PohjoisSavo. In the event of a dispute between the parties, PalkkaOnline's liability is limited to the service fee charged to the user.

Fees, expenses and allowances

1. The service fee and additional fees shall be charged at the time of payment.

2. The amount paid to the user shall be determined on the basis of the vat-free amount of invoicing. Tax is withheld from the invoiced VAT-free amount and, where applicable, the employer's health insurance contribution and, where applicable, the service fee of PalkkaOnline is deducted, as well as other payments from the calculation. The calculation is loaded from your own dashboard.

3. PalkkaOnline has the right not to accept the expense invoices submitted. In order to reimburse tax-exempt travel expenses, they must be invoiced to the principal in such a way that they are broken down by invoice.

4. Upon payment to the PalkkaOnline account, the user will be able to withdraw the salary and the payment will be paid to the user as soon as possible, unless otherwise agreed with the user. The settlement requires that the user has provided all the information necessary to make the payment.

5. When payment is made, the user receives a payment calculation. The payment calculation is in electronic form in the user's own dashboard.


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