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Do you have skills and competences that someone would want to pay for? Entrepreneurship doesn't have to be hard. As a light entrepreneur, you can sell your skills even after your working hours!

Light entrepreneur service for workers and employers

Making it easy to sell and buy the work of professionals

PalkkaOnline is a hidden-cost-free invoicing service for light entrepreneurs that removes the tedious and painful paperwork from entrepreneurship.

We also offer a straightforward service to employers. It is easy and safe for your company to employ a light entrepreneur through us! Employ several light contractors and pay only one invoice!

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Our service is backed by more than 50 years of experience in business insurance.

For light entrepreneurs

For employers

We're here to help light entrepreneurs

PalkkaOnline makes it easy to sell your skills. We also help companies to acquire skillful employees easier

Light entrepreneur is a way to sell your work and skills without having to set up your own business or apply for a job

Entrepreneurship without heavy paperwork

Low fee of 5% is applied only when your customer has paid your invoice. The 5% service fee includes all our services. So there are no other charges, no additional debits and no commitments.

There are no hidden costs has a very comprehensive insurance cover for all users, developed in cooperation with Lähitapiola.

Our superior insurance cover benefits both the light entrepreneur himself and the employer, who does not have to worry about their employees insurance

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Our service is backed by more than 50 years of experience in business insurance.

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We have worked with a number of service providers and PalkkaOnline has been the best. Peter can be reached quickly and problems are solved immediately, not tomorrow. The service fee is the most competitive for a light entrepreneur. 5/5
Saku Koponen
Myyntiboosti Oy